Wednesday, December 2, 2009

FTA Announces Money for Urban, Rural Transit Livability

At a media event in New Orleans on December 1, DOT Secretary Ray LaHood announced that the Federal Transit Administration (FTA) will be making available $280 million for livability-related transit projects. According to a press release issued that day, $130 million will be available for rail and fixed guideway projects, such as streetcars, circulators, and related mixed-use/walkable/high-density developments. Additionally, $150 million of "Bus and Bus Facility funds will be available for projects that will foster the preservation and enhancement of urban and rural communities by providing new mobility options which provide access to jobs, healthcare, and education, and/or contribute to the redevelopment of neighborhoods into pedestrian-friendly vibrant environments."

Details on timeframes, solicitation processes and related concerns should be available imminently from FTA, but haven't been posted on the FTA website. Interested persons probably should contact their nearest FTA regional office for application processes and details.

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