Thursday, October 29, 2009

News, Necessary, but not a Surprise

While "Capitol Clips" would love to claim ownership of a transportation policy crystal ball, that's not really the case this week.

The current continuing resolution and SAFETEA-LU extension were set to expire on Halloween. There was almost no doubt that some kind of continuation of appropriations and extension of SAFETEA-LU (and some otherwise expired pieces of non-transportation legislation) was going to happen. As predicted, Congress tacked on a six-week "CR" to the FY 2010 Interior/Environment appropriations bill, which now is headed to President Obama's desk for an anticipated signature.

If you're thirsty for news and insight, check out the coverage on DC.Streetsblog, or for something a little closer to mainstream media, visit As always, the details of appropriations, including continuing resolutions, can be found on-line at Thomas.

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