Sunday, May 17, 2009

DOT Solicits TIGER Applications

The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA, or the "stimulus bill") authorized $1.5 billion in discretionary grants to be awarded by the Secretary of Transportation. On May 18, the US Dept of Transportation (DOT) announced the availability of these grants. Applications are due by September 15, 2009.

Although these grants are not specific to any mode, there is much about this solicitation that should interest public and human services transportation stakeholders. First and foremost are the selection criteria: one of the two "primary selection criteria" is a set of long-term outcomes, which include elements of livability and sustainability; the second primary selection criterion is job creation and economic stimulus; one of the two "secondary selection criteria" is partnership, in which the DOT specifically states "The Department [of Transportation] will give priority to projects that demonstrate strong collaboration among a broad range of participants and/or integration of transportation with other public service efforts."

In other words, projects that demonstrate significant and meaningful coordination between transportation and such aspects as housing, community development and job creation are certain to have a competitive advantage in this solicitation.

Eligible applicants are "State and local governments, including U.S. territories, tribal governments, transit agencies, port authorities, other political subdivisions of State or local governments, and multi-State or multi-jurisdictional applicants."

Although ARRA specified that projects to be funded under this program would be between $20 million and $300 million, the DOT has determined that it may waive the $20 million floor, and is willing to entertain proposals for projects that are less than $20 million in scope. Other than by browsing the May 18, 2009, Federal Register, the text of this notice has not yet been posted (as of May 17). However, more information is available on-line at

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